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Preventing Dry Eyes During Air Travel

After extended periods of plane travel, it is not unusual to feel extremely dry eyes. An airplane’s interior is particularly dry due to the pressure and temperature controls, which might be damaging to your eyes.

Fortunately, eye physicians have provided a number of recommendations that can be followed to lessen the likelihood of developing these painful symptoms, which are frequently associated with “travelers’ dry eye.” The following advice will help you prevent dry eyes when traveling:


  • Dehydration has the ability to significantly worsen the effects of dry eye. Always keep a drink nearby, and make sure to sip before, during, and after your flight. Those who love alcoholic beverages and caffeinated drinks when flying should make sure to drink extra fluids to make up for the increased risk of dehydration posed by these drinks.
  • Another key tool in the fight against dry eyes is artificial tears. You can use fake tears as necessary if you keep a bottle of them on you at all times during your journey. This can be of tremendous assistance. Before their travel, patients with persistent dry eyes should consult their doctor to see whether they might require a more potent lubricant.
  • Additionally, in-flight sleeping might dry up your eyes. Wear an eye mask if you plan to nap while you’re in the air. This can lessen the possibility of developing dry eyes by limiting the amount of dry air that gets to your eyes as you sleep.
  • Even in everyday life, using contact lenses has a tendency to raise the risk of developing dry eyes. This is particularly true in the dry cabin air of an airplane. To reduce this heightened risk, people who wear contact lenses should think about switching to a pair of glasses during the flight.
  • Dry air is also pushed directly into your eyes from the air conditioning vent above your seat. Preventing dry eyes can be greatly helped by turning off this vent.

Consult your eye doctor right away to learn more about how to prevent the discomfort of dry eyes on your upcoming flight.